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What a journey we’re on as a church!

About two weeks ago, we felt led to support those in distress by partnering with a fellow New Frontiers church in Poland. It was amazing to see how quickly the church sprung into action by collecting and donating, so that several days later we were able to travel towards the border of Ukraine with a van and small truck full of goods. As mentioned during the service about 15,000 euro was given into the Ukraine Relief Fund which was used for buying food, goods, and the trip to Poland.

What a privilege to connect and encourage our brothers and sisters in Poland working 24/7 to be His hands and feet for the people fleeing from their homes. How beautiful to see the transformation of this church into a place where refugees can walk in to get basic needs, can be hosted for a night, and to hear how this church has sent over 20 tons of goods into Ukraine, bringing families along upon return.

We would love to continue supporting the amazing work that is happening in Poland and Ukraine by continuing to partner with this church. We discussed with our contacts there how we can best support them, which specific needs they have, and they asked that we continue to bring goods to give to refugees and send into Ukraine as well as support financially to afford fuel for the trips into Ukraine.

Having heard their needs, we’d like to encourage you to keep giving! The war continues and even if over the coming time the events in Ukraine might make less news headlines, daily there is so much damage, hurt, strife, and consequently, work to be done. In deciding to continue supporting this church we are very aware that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and we need to keep this in mind as we plan how to continue supporting.

Next to continuing to give financially, we are planning several trips in the coming months to Poland. The dates for the first following trip will be announced soon. We will also announce the specific timeslots you can bring goods donations then, so please hold on to the goods you want to donate until these allocated drop-off times. Please contact me ( if you would like to participate both in helping here as we prepare for the trip and/or driving to Poland.

Until these dates are clear, please continue collecting goods (same items as those previously collected), giving financially, and importantly, praying! I look forward to witnessing how we continue to support our brothers and sisters in Christ and those facing very difficult situations together as a church.

Many blessings,

on behalf of Redeemer Maastricht,

Jo-ine Ter Haar

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