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Almost back home. Another day on the road with a clear blue sky. It stays amazing how much one can do in 72 hours. The hours on the road today gave us time to reflect a bit on the trip and we are first of all are really grateful how it went. That we were able to respond to a crisis situation and to see and hear how we can help from the people affected. God blessed us with safety on the road, provision in donations to buy fuel, a warm bed was even waiting for us around the corner of the church when we arrived in krakow. Also the availability, flexibility and willingness to serve of the persons with me on the road, was a real privilege to experience.

On the way back we saw many cars coming from Ukraine fully packed with families and suitcases. Persons again with more stories and God knows them all. I don’t know where they are heading, but if I can I want to help. This was not a one time project. The war is not over and we are not done to bring love in action. And I know many who read this aren’t either. The road to Maastricht is coming to an end, but our and their journeys are continuing.

Some nice anecdotes for your information:)

Did you know that the men in our group pull each other toes at night? The reason for that is the snoaring that is going on, but no one knows who makes the noise, so everyones toes get pulled. Another fact that maybe a lot already know is that Maarten is very good in finding food. For breakfast he found the only restaurant in whole Krakow at 8am that was open and for dinner he made sure his plate was filled with enough meat to last him for three days. Chris apparently can sleep anywhere, because he has the ‘gift of powernaps’. Dennis and Robert are ‘queenmakers’ and you can figure out yourself why they were given that name. The girls, what can I say, just very happy to have them by my side. There is just more to say about the men. Overall, according to Robert: “a dreamteam”!

Slaap lekker,


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