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Though the war in Ukraine no longer makes as many headlines as when the conflict erupted, we haven’t forgotten the harsh reality and turmoil the people are facing at present. How beautiful it was to see our family of churches, but also individuals, families, neighbourhoods, and companies come together to gather goods and funds to send to Ukraine at the beginning of March (8-10th). Following our trip, we took a few days to rest and then started planning the next trip. We have set the date for the 22-24th of April! We’ve reflected on and learned from our first trip, so will be doing a few things slightly differently, but similarly to the first time, need goods and funds to support our fellow church in Poland who is caring so consistently for the people of Ukraine.

We'd like to buy a transporter van!

Last trip we had the amazing testimony of being able to lend a small truck for free from a rental company here in Maastricht. However, we think the most economical long-term solution is to buy a large transporter van as we plan to make more trips to Poland in the future and plan to use the van locally as well to help refugees. Would you consider donating a van or giving towards buying a van? (Please use the description ‘Van’ when giving at What a significant investment and help having a van to transport goods would be!

Funds & goods for our upcoming trip.

More funds are essential to make the upcoming trip possible. Funds will be used for buying goods to fill up our vans, for the team's travel to Poland, and some funds will be transferred to our New Frontiers church partner in Poland for fuel to drive goods into and bring people out of Ukraine. (Please use the following link for bank details using the description 'Ukraine').

We’re also collecting a selected list of goods to fill up the vans going to Poland. Specifically, we need the following items:

  • Diapers (Kids and Adults)

  • Toilet Paper

  • Food: Pasta & Bulgar (500g/ 1kg) & Instant Noodles

  • Hygiene Products: Deodorant & Shampoo

Please only bring these selected items on 6,13, or 20th April between 12.00-15.00 to the Bredestraat 19 (Redeemer Maastricht Office). Do get in touch with us via email or by phone 06-19747321 if you want to get involved, practically, financially, or by donating goods or have further questions.

Let's continue to pray!

Please continue praying for those facing immense uncertainty at the moment, those who have been traumatised, have lost their homes, loved ones, and don’t know what comes next. Let’s also keep praying for our New Frontiers partner church in Poland, for strength, discernment, and provision as they work around the clock serving the people of Ukraine. Please also pray for us as a church as we are exploring the ways we can step out locally to be His hands and feet not only for the refugees coming in from Ukraine, but also among so many others in need in this city. I’m so excited and expectant what our Lord will continue to do as we give and steward well all that He’s given, whether that’s resources, time, skills, may all we do be to His glory!

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