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Next Ukraine Trip: 1st - 3rd July 2022

With the blessed and encouraging last Poland trip still fresh in our minds, we’re planning a third trip happening in just one month!

When looking into partnering with our brothers and sisters in Poland, we so desired our relationship with them to be lasting and sustainable, rather than a single interaction. Thankfully, with the giving we see happening locally in our church in combination with New Frontiers budget that has been allocated to building relations and encouraging among the family of churches, we have been able to go twice to Poland, and plan to continue going for the foreseeable future!

How exciting to build committed relationships and see how God continues to work in Ukraine and Poland, but also share about how the Lord is on the move here in the Netherlands. In so doing, we spur each other on in the faith, and get to learn from each other! I’m amazed at how the Lord can make something beautiful, this connection and building of the kingdom together that probably would not exist were it not for the current crisis, out of what looks completely dark and senseless from the world’s perspective.

Will you join in praying for and giving into the upcoming trip? As usual we want to invite you to bring goods to the Redeemer Church office on the 11th of June between 13.00-15.00 (Diapers, Food (Pasta & Bulgar & Instant Noodles), and Hygiene Products (Deodorant & Shampoo), or give into the Ukraine Relief fund ( used to buy essential goods.

With focusing on the upcoming trip its easy to forget that everyday people continue to suffer incredibly due to this war, that despite our brothers and sisters also being among those drastically affected, they use this as an opportunity to share the gospel with, share and care for those faced daily with the harsh reality of the war. So, next to thinking and praying about the coming trip, will you please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters as they continue to love on and serve those around them continually? I’m so thankful we can trust a mighty God who is Lord in the midst of the chaos, who makes beautiful out of utter darkness, who we can entrust our dear brothers and sisters to, who we can turn to when we need to make decisions, who is leading the way. I so encourage you to join in on the amazing adventure with Him, that we can put His glory on display!

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