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One of our team members, Henk Withaar, wanted to share about how he experienced the trip to Poland, to give everyone who supported this journey some insight into all that happened. So, continue reading to hear about our second trip to Poland (22-24th April)!

Firstly, let’s get started with some “did you know” facts…

Did you know...?

  • I saw more wildlife while driving than during a typical day as a forest ranger?

  • The best roads we encountered today were in Poland?

  • Poland doesn’t use Euro’s?

  • Mirjam and I didn’t listen to any music, just too much catching up to do!

Friday, we (Henk & Mirjam) left home at 04:15 heading for Robert & Aude’s in Maastricht. There we picked up siblings Ann (Scotland) & Andy (England) Graham who decided to join ranks with us. With a fresh cup of good coffee (Aude’s doing) we gathered at Jo-ine’s place to depart for Poland. Everything was ready and packed the day before, so we had a very smooth start! After we joined in prayer, we stepped in and headed east...

So, the van we were driving had remarkably fancy licence plates with this great ‘retro’ font. If you looked closely, you would’ve noticed that the letters were drawn on the plates! We liked it but the German police needed some explanation before appreciating the artistic value. After we got pulled over and everything was checked, we continued our trip to the rendez-vous with Mathijs (Delft) and Samuel (The Hague) who were driving a bus filled with goods as well.

Teamed up with Delft & The Hague, we progressed east. Slowly the landscape and architecture changed to a somewhat Soviet image. At around 19:30 we arrived at a village called Gogolin where Jo-ine made a reservation for dinner. This was our first encounter with the Polish language and local vibes… It turned out to be very tasty and we were busy getting to know each other some more. Too soon, Captain Jo-ine scrambled us back to the cars for our last lap. Once in Krakow, we parked the cars at the church venue and walked to the accommodation for some good sleep.

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