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6th Ukraine Trip: 19th May Day 1

Thank you Vinca & Lívia for so eagerly writing about this trip to share about this 6th trip to Krakow (19th-22nd of May) with whoever continues to read from here...

Much expectation and prayers led to the day of this trip. All three churches (Delft, Den Haag, and Maastricht) prayed and sent us off to this great mission to spread the love of God to His people. We are a group of seven adults, five different nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, and languages but one thing in common, our love for God through Jesus.

Friday's journey started differently for each group member. Some worked throughout the day and others spent the day getting ready for the mission. We travelled in two different cars, one departing from Delft and the other from Maastricht. We met on our first stop in Germany, quickly the group connected and started to get to know each other. Koos, our algorithm PhD student created an algorithm to alternate the car seating so we get to spend time and get to know everyone during the trip. In our first stop, we prayed and set the expectation of the trip in the hands of God. We prayed that the team would be united and for the Holy Spirit to translate any miscommunication due to diversity in the group. And to the team as a synchronised symphony, where we all are playing different instruments but making a beautiful melody for the Lord. And off we go back to the road!

Its already eleven o’clock at night when we arrive in our gezellig Airbnb, right in front of a church whose bells ring every half-hour, in the middle of nowhere, situated in a village just off the German Autobahn. We were out cold, the hours counting down to our next leg… if we leave at half past five in the morning, surely we’ll be in Poland by three in the afternoon! The early bird catches the worm they say.

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