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5th Ukraine Trip: 2nd-4th February 2023

What a wonderful time together again with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters that so faithfully serve the Lord. This time we went with a small team of three, one of which has written the following to give you an idea of how the trip went....

On Thursday evening the 2nd of February we started our trip to Krakow. Unfortunately before even leaving, we faced technical issues with the van we had just bought to deliver to Ukraine. Despite not knowing how far we would get, we bravely started our adventure with a beeping sound in the background.

That evening we safely arrived at our Airbnb in the middle of nowhere in Germany (there wasn't even mobile service there;). We told our host about our car issues and he informed us that there was a Ford garage only 4km from the place we were staying! Amazing! The middle of nowhere and yet God provided a garage so close by and a very kind and helpful host. Early the next morning he kindly helped us get to the garage and we nervously waited for a phone call from them for an update. While waiting, we explored the nature in the area and went on a windy, muggy walk.

Shortly before lunch we got a call from the garage and at about midday we were good to go on the road again. The rest of the drive was smooth and the closer we got to our destination the more snow we saw around us. After a snowball fight and a lot more driving and chatting and driving we arrived safely at our host Maciek's parents beautiful and warm house. We had a lovely dinner and were sent straight off to bed as the next morning breakfast was to be served early.

After an extensive breakfast we were off to meet the Ukrainian team to give the genarators and other supplies we had transported from Maastricht and to get groceries. When we say groceries we mean three vans full of groceries (rice, beans, flour, milk, cereals, etc). This went faster than expected so we still had time for a coffee and a second breakfast with the team at the Macdonalds. We were blessed to hear about the work they are doing and how God has provided and how what we were bringing was part of this provision. A comment that struck me was how grateful they were to be able to enjoy a meal at the McDonald's without warning sirens. How often we take safety for granted! This smalle-opening and humbling. Sadly it was then already time for good byes and prayers as part of the team started the journey back to Ukraine.

We went back to our hosts and a little while later the New Hope church team came for lunch. Here we had some time to talk, laugh, listen to and encourage each other while we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Fortunately there were several people who could help translate and we heard all kinds of stories, both difficult and joyful. We were reminded how important it is to keep serving and giving, as we heard stories of the intense cold and hunger faced by those who have lost their homes, families, security. As always, time flew by and before we knew it it was already time to pray together, say goodbye, get our bags and head to the airport.

We said goodbye to Krakow and all the wonderful people we got to meet and that touched our hearts. Please join us in continuing to pray with and for them. We hope to be reunited again soon.

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