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4th Ukraine Trip: POSTPONED to 28-30th October

Warm Clothes Collection

Due to unforeseen circumstances the upcoming trip that was planned for this weekend (30 Sept- 2 Oct) is being postponed by a month to the 28th - 30th of October. We received a request from our partner church, New Hope, to collect and bring warm clothing as the temperatures have been dropping significantly and many people continue to be displaced. Thus, many no longer have a house nor warm clothes because they could only take a few items with them when they fled. We've made an announcement that good quality coats and sweaters for kids and teenagers between the ages of 6-15 years will be collected the coming Sundays after the service.

The Upcoming Trip

What an opportunity to give our very best, since we're called to do this, as with all our work, unto the Lord. We're excited to see what He has in store for this trip and how we can give out of the abundance we've been given, whether time, money, clothes, but even more the love, compassion, peace, and joy that comes from abiding in Him! We have a team of six ready to go serve and encourage New Hope at the end of October. Please pray as we make preparations that this trip would bring our Lord much glory. That the time of fellowship and service would be a blessing to all those involved, and that the partnership would have far reaching effects to be not only an encouragement to the church in Poland and Ukraine, but also would put Jesus's love on display through the support offered to those who do not know Him.

Do get involved!

Whether you've been involved in the previous trips or just heard about it all for the first time, can I encourage you to join in?! We believe these trips are only possible on a foundation of prayer, so please build and partner with us in prayer. Prayer for our brothers and sisters in Poland and Ukraine, the people they are serving, and for the team heading to Poland at the end of October. In addition, please do join in with giving coats and sweaters and/or financial contributions (used to buy food and other necessities during the time in Poland). See for more details on giving.

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