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3rd Ukraine Trip: Day 1

Two members of our team, Henk and Janco, wanted to share some stories about our recent trip to Krakow from the 1st to 3rd of July...

So, this is already the third trip to Krakow in aid of Ukrainian refugees! We feel proud that our church makes a priority of reaching out in this way. The setup was quite different than before but it still included lots of shopping, eating and driving. We hope you enjoy this little insight into our adventures in Poland.


On Friday morning at 04:30, that’s basically Thursday-eve for our students… we started our trip to the east. It had rained the night before and everything was fresh and crisp. Mirjam and Henk joined the caravan from Aachen. After a brief prayer, we continued the trip together. We had a very weird day regarding temperature, with pouring rainstorms in Germany and a whopping 36 degrees celsius in Poland.

After a looong drive, a proper welcome is much appreciated. Brothers Maciek and Jakub are the kind of hosts to trust with that. While parking the car, the street was filled with the smell of a good barbecue! The Ukrainian church leaders were joined us for the BBQ and soon the garden was filled with ‘Gezelligheid’. We exchanged stories and we got to know our Ukrainian brothers and sisters better. After the BBQ, we had a team debrief in Maciek’s lounge with some coffee and tea while Captain Jo-ine briefed us on what to expect for the next day.

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