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2nd Ukraine Trip: Day 3

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

After a good night's rest, we fired up the engines at 05:30 and drove off for Holland! Jo-ine puts it well: “The vans are empty; our hearts are full.” We are just so thankful to have met the hero’s at our partner church in Krakow. We thought we were going to help, but rather were ourselves so encouraged by the people we met filled with the Holy Spirit operating in the focus of God's attention. What an encouragement to both listen and share about what God is doing in the New Ground churches we came from, as well as how He’s on the move in Poland and the Ukraine.

A picture with both the visiting and hosting teams. What abundant hospitality we were shown!

Is driving little vans with goods into Ukraine still helpful these days? Not only does "every little thing help," but this trip showed us that the partnership with local churches is very effective for delivering the exact goods needed to specific areas. In comparison to the big truckloads driven into Ukraine, the vans and church connections seem to be more effective in reaching even to the farthest and most difficult to access places. In chaotic and ever changing circumstances they reach out with small scale logistics and a vast backup network. How cool to witness that the people we interacted with knew exactly what they're doing were going to such lengths, putting their lives at risk, to make sure goods were delivered there.

In partnering with our fellow New Frontiers church in Poland, we aim to build relationship, and in so doing, build up the body of Christ.

A final thing to pass on to you: everyone we met told us how encouraging it is to see people from other churches taking the effort to support their mission! This crisis will pass; the relationships between churches stay. They are vital for the future! Will you join in supporting and praying for our dear brothers and sisters in Christ?

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