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We embrace the Biblical calling to reach out to the lost, least, vulnerable and lonely in our community and beyond. Besides local projects like street evangelism and caring for the poor we are participating in projects set-up by our family of churches. Find our latest projects below.


On Saturday the 9th of September we did an outreach in the city of Maastricht. We did an inquiry at the Markt asking people to write down what they think about loving people, Maastricht & God. Our next outreaches are around Christmas time, please check out THIS PAGE for more info.

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Redeemer Maastricht, in cooperation with our family of churches, is involved in a Ukraine Relief Project. We started bringing essential goods like toiletries & bedding to a local church in the area of Ukraine that is hosting refugees and distributing goods across Ukraine. We can all play our part by donating to the fund wherefrom we will buy all essential goods and bring relief to the ones in great distress.

Read everything about our last 6 trips here;

Please go to our website for bank details or get in touch with us via or by phone 06-19747321 if you want to help out practically, financially or by donating goods.

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