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Twice a year we raise an offering on top of our regular giving for a specific purpose.



On offering Sundays we will hand out pledge forms to be put into our giving box at the end. Details about this form will be shared beforehand.


Our hope and trust is in God to supply everything we need and not in

people giving money into the Church. Having said this, the Bible is pretty clear that we either worship money, or we worship God with our money. In Redeemer we want to worship God with our money! As Christ followers, the key principles around giving money are that we do it regularly, sacrificially, and joyfully.

You are welcome in Redeemer whether or not you give anything financially; but we would love you join us as we seek to ‘excel in the grace of giving’ (2 Cor 8:7)


Thank you in advance for your generosity and all glory to God for His ongoing provision. We will keep you all posted on the result of the offering after Sunday. Meanwhile do not hesitate to reach out in case of questions.

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