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"There is one body, but it has many parts.
But all its many parts make up one body. It is the same with Christ."

1 Corinthians 12 v 12

Redeemer is made up of a wonderful, diverse and international group of people. Everyone has a very important part to play and we love the amazing group that serves and leads diligently.

We understand that it can be helpful to know who is leading what, so please find the information below.

Do not hesitate to reach out to them during one of our gatherings.


Maarten & Lise de Lange

Maarten de Lange

Lead elder

Maarten is married to Lise for more than 21 years and together they have 3 children. About 6 years ago they started Redeemer and now Maarten is leading the team of elders and is working full time for Redeemer. You can find them hosting barbecue parties regularly and they love drinking a good cup of coffee in the lovely city of Maastricht. Lise is passionate about baking and Maarten loves to go out mountain biking in the country side.

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Babak Ghafary


Babak is originally from Iran and married to Natalie who is from the US. They moved from the Hague to Maastricht a couple of years ago to become part of Redeemer. They live in Sittard and have 2 children in the age of 3 and 5. Babak works in IT and Natalie at a hotel. They are excellent dancers and you can have a very good laugh with them. Both have a great heart for people and prayer. Also they run one of our life groups on Friday evenings.


Dennis van Ginkel


Dennis is Dutch and married to Hannah and they have 3 daughters and a dog called Abby. They moved to the south of the Netherlands about 6 years ago and live in Meersen right now. Dennis loves anything with a motor in it having great adventures hitting the road. During the week he works as a manager at a big engineering company. Together they run the Alpha Course and Dennis is also part of the board as our treasurer.


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Dominik Hahne

Sound & Visual

Dominik & Xinwei are a German - Chinese couple living in Sittard. Dominik works as a Market Developer and Xinwei as a technical consultant. They have a heart for serving the wider church and jump in wherever a team needs support. Together they are part of the Alpha-Course leadership team. Dominik leads the A/V team and is on the worship team. Xinwei is a kids worker and also part of the worship team.
Besides church, you can find Dominik in their garden growing vegetables and fruits or playing music. Xinwei likes watching the latest TV shows on the couch or jogging in the park. 

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Henk & Mirjam Withaar


Henk and Mirjam are married and live just across the Dutch border in Belgium as they moved from the province of Brabant in the Netherlands a couple of years ago and became part of Redeemer.  Henk loves the forest and everything outside. He works for a company that preserves nature in and around Maastricht. Mirjam is very creative and has her own business in felting and hosts workshops regularly.

They head up the amazing worship team of Redeemer and are very determined  and passionate about seeing Redeemer grow in praise & thanksgiving. Mirjam loves to sing and Henk can play almost every instrument, but prefers drums.

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Hannah van Ginkel

Kidswork 0-5

Hannah is married to Dennis and is heading up the kids team for the younger children in the age of 0-5. She loves creating a safe and playful environment for the little ones, where they can learn more about Jesus and enjoy church life making new friends. Hannah is working in care for the elderly and you will find her taking long walks with their labradoodle in the fields surrounding Meerssen. Also she likes to bake and spend quality time with family and friends. Hannah lived in England for a while as you will notice when you speak with her. 

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Catalina Hanetseder

Kidswork 6-12

Catalina comes from Moldova and moved to Maastricht about 4 years ago where she met her husband Niklas in Redeemer. They married last year in Austria at a beautiful winery. Catalina heads up the kids work for the age of 6-12 together with a fantastic team that teaches this age group about faith. During the week she works as a software developer and likes anything with plants and gardening and eating good and healthy food.

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Lex & Nicola Heiberg


Lex and Nicola are from South-Africa and moved to Maastricht because of Lex his study. They recently started heading up this team as they love to make Redeemer a hospitable environment and a warm home for everyone. You can find them at the info desk regularly providing all the information you might need about Redeemer. Please feel free to ask them (almost) anything!

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Aude, Flavia & Nina 


These 3 "powerhouses" are making sure you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea each Sunday. Aude is originally French, Flavia is from Brazil & Nina is Dutch. They oversee a big and diverse team of volunteers. Food is certainly a great passion of them too and you will find them facilitating snacks and more during Sundays and special church events. We would recommend becoming (and staying) very good friends with them ;)


Kwesi, Matias & Annelies

Students & Twenties

These "fabulous 3" gather every Monday evening, together with a big group of students, twenties and young professionals for a time of worship, Bible study, food and social activities. Regularly they organise fun events and gatherings, so do not hesitate getting in touch with them if you would like to come around too. 


Josh & Africa Hogue

Youth Work (12-17)

These lovely 2 moved from the US to the Netherlands for work, are married for a couple of years and live in Maastricht. They have a big heart for the younger generation and are very excited about leading them closer to Jesus. Josh & Africa are much fun to hang out with as they like playing games, sports and exploring new places.

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Henk & Eunee Kersten

Apostolic relations & teaching

Often this wonderful couple is called " the grandparents of Redeemer", however they are not that old yet. Henk & Eunee moved to Maastricht helping out planting this church. Henk is working for New Ground and together they serve churches in Europe, You will see Henk preaching in Redeemer regularly as he is very passionate about God's word. Both love spending time with their family, walking in nature and eating good food.

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