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"a redeemer bible school"

“How about having a guided tour through the bible? After having gone through the ‘Blueprint Of The Bible’, you will be left with the sense that you’ve studied and looked at this wonderful and amazing book with a new fresh understanding of its significance and value. Not so much an in-depth study of each book, but an overview of the whole of Scripture. To see how each book fits in with the rest. How the OT and NT books are designed in such a way that we can admire its unity, beauty, balance and design. You are invited to join us on this journey. To have a wonderful, guided tour, with plenty to see, to admire, to feel enriched by, as you walk through it over this next season."


Blueprint is a 3 year Bible study divided into 6 blocks of 7 weeks, twice a year in January/February and November/December. You can choose either to follow the whole 3 years or one of the blocks.


Why blueprint?

We believe that it is of great importance that we grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s word and how to interpret and apply it. Therefore we would like to invite you to participate and take this great opportunity.


For whom?

This study is open for everyone who considers Redeemer as their home church and is above the age of 16. We would like you to be an active part of Redeemer and have a good basic understanding of scripture. Therefore his course is not suitable for guests, non-believers or very young believers. In case of doubt, please reach out to us.


A clear commitment is required and the costs are 50 euros per person, per block (a block is 7 weeks). This includes the study material, coaching, coffee, tea cookies and some amazing Bible teaching.


What will it look like?

The study will go through the whole Bible in 3 years and starts on the 16th of January 2024.

 The first block looks like this;


Lesson 1: - In person

a guided tour - looking at the beauty, the balance and the design of the whole of Scripture.

Lesson 2: - via zoom

the internal design of Scripture - 3 guiding principles.

Lesson 3: - In person

the five Books of Moses (part 1)

Lesson 4: - via zoom

the five Books of Moses (part 2)

Lesson 5: - in person

the history of Israel: Canaan, Kingdom and Exile (Joshua, Judges, Ruth)

Lesson 6: - via zoom

the books of the Kingdom: Samuel, Kings and Chronicles

Lesson 7: - in person

the books of History: Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther.​


Who will be teaching?

Our very own Henk Kersten will be teaching us in cooperation with Redeemer's leadership who will provide coaching and will work together with Henk during the discussions.


​Where and how?

It will be a hybrid study, so both in-person as in zoom. 

4 times in person at Redeemer's city centre venue and 3 times via zoom.

It will take place on Tuesday evenings, roughly between 19:30 and 21:30.


How can I sign up?

You can sign up by filling in the form below.

This is for the first block starting in January 2024. 


Your sign up is definite when the payment is done.


Any questions, please reach out to us.

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