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Redeemer International Church Maastricht (“Redeemer”) was founded on the 27th of December 2018 in Maastricht. Shortly thereafter Redeemer was also registered as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) with the Dutch Tax Authorities. As a consequence, anyone who gives money to the church can deduct that from their income or company tax, to the extent permitted by Dutch law.

Redeemer started as an initiative of New Ground, a family of churches and a registered UK charity. Redeemer continues to have a close association with the New Ground family of churches throughout Europe.

On this page you will find all the documents as required by Dutch law that we are required to publish due to our registration as an ANBI.

RSIN: 859605073

The board consists of :

Maarten de Lange - Chairman

  Dennis van Ginkel - Treasurer

Robert Roeloffs - Secretary

Babak Ghafary - Member

Dominik Hahne - Member

The reporting of the profits, losses, and the bank balance to the board takes place on a monthly basis.

In this Redeemer LTPP you can find our Long Term Policy Plan for the church.


The purpose of the church will be, in obedience with God’s infallible
Word (“the Bible”), empowered by the Holy Spirit, to lead people to
Jesus and His family, whereby coming to spiritual maturity and
learning to exalt His name. In this they shall also be equipped to serve
and to proclaim His Kingdom in the world.
In fulfilling the vision, the approach of Redeemer International Church
is to:
- Clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through engaging teaching
on Sunday meetings, and in other contexts.
- Clearly demonstrate the implications of the Gospel in how the
church serves and engages with the city in which it finds itself.
- Have a strong focus on leadership development so that there is
enough leaders to lead what is happening now, what will happen
as the church grows, and what will happen as new churches are
started in different localities.
In addition to the above, the church will strive to attain this purpose
- organizing meetings;
- the provision of religious education in the broadest sense;
- organizing missionary and evangelical activities;
- various media, such as the distribution and/or provision of
Christian literature;
- other lawful means;
- active involvement in different forms of social aid;
- cooperation with other organizations that are striving toward the
same goals.


Redeemer currently employs 4 people;

Maarten de Lange 

Church leader - Full time

Niklas Hanetseder

Operations manager - Part time

Henk Kersten

Missionary relationships - Full time

Employees’ remuneration is in line with equivalent roles in other churches and not-for-profit organisations, according to Dutch law and regulations. External advice has been taken into consideration.

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